Lighter holders

Many people use them, disposible lighters. They are not much and they are stolen from you every time. When you put a lighter like that in a leather holder it will become nice and recognizable, you will right away know who stole your lighter this time. Empty? Just put a new one in.

Lighter belt holder

DGLeather : 2 juni 2014 01:29 : aanstekerhouders

Belt holder for disposible lighter, never loose your lighter again. Made of 2,5 mil vegetable tanned cowhide. Color is antique brown.
Suitable for lighters from Cricket, Tokai, Flameclub and so on. Not suitable for Bic. Including lighter.All handmade.



DGLeather : 1 juni 2014 20:21 : aanstekerhouders

Lighter holder suitable for disposable lighters from Tokai, Cricket and so on but not suitable for Bic.
Popular Ché Guevara painted by hand. All handmade.Including lighter.



DGLeather : 1 juni 2014 19:19 : aanstekerhouders

Lighter holder for disposable lighters of Jetflame, Flameclub, Tokai, Cricket and so on but not for Bic. Made of vegetable tanned cowhide. All handmade and painted by hand. Including lighter.

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