Exclusive custom made belts

A leather belt was for a long time just there to hold up your pants. These times are changed and the belt become these days more of a jewel to your clothes.
A belt often represents a surten lifestyle like casual, biker, rock/metal or western style. A special custom belt is just like special shoes, sturdy western or biker boots an expression of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Custom belt

DGLeather : 19 augustus 2017 12:01 : riemen

Hand crafted custom belt. Made of 5,5 mm thick cowhide. Dyed in black antique and black airbrush.


Black eyelet belt

DGLeather : 24 september 2016 16:16 : riemen

Handmade mens belt in black. Chrome eyelets and buckle. Made of 4cm wide 9oz veg. tanned leather. Lenght is 1.20 meter.


Ten minute belt

DGLeather : 20 februari 2016 01:46 : riemen

A ten minute working belt made of 7oz. pre dyed veg.tanned leather with elephant print. The ten minutes stands for the time it took to make this belt.


Simple men´s belt black

DGLeather : 29 januari 2015 02:48 : riemen

This handmade simple men´s belt is made of 3,5 mil vegetanned cowhide. light stamp pattern, dyed black with chrome buckle and passant.


Fantasy belt turquoise

DGLeather : 14 december 2014 12:39 : riemen

Fantasy handmade belt with application of dark leather and turquoise concho´s and indian buckle. Made of 3,5 mil cowhide with elephant print.

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