Knife sheaths and holsters


Sheaths are also used for knives, daggers, swords and other weapons like handguns and pistols. think in the relaxation atmosphere of buscrafters and survivalists whereby the knife a very important place takes of the gear. A knife never may get lost, damaged or wound the carrier. When you buy a knife, for example a Bowie or a buscraft knife it happens that the sheath that comes with the knife is of poor quality or even lives dangerously! With custom made leather sheaths made of 3,5 mil vegetanned cowhide you will not have this problem anymore.

Mtech boot sheath

DGLeather : 13 mei 2017 11:40 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Boot sheath for a Mtech dagger. It is made of 3.5 mil thick veg.tanned leather, colored in cordovan and black. Sewn with bright brown yarn. The applications of the water sign, the ying-yang and the Kung-Fu sign are applied or inserted with a laser printer. The application was more intended to see how it worked, but I’m impressed and see a lot of possibilities.



Bushcraft sheath for Mora Garberg

DGLeather : 28 april 2017 23:43 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Dark brown bushcraft sheath for the Mora Garberg with dangler and firesteel loop for LMF army. Handmade from 3.5 milimeter thick vegetable tanned cow leather. Sewed with super strong 0.8 mil black yarn.
The Garberg is Mora’s first knife that is full tang. With its 3.2millimeter thick steel a very powerful knife. This one has a new jacket.


Neck knife sheath for Fällkniven WM1

DGLeather : 28 april 2017 23:41 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Small sheath for a little devil, the Fällkniven WM1. Handy to wear under your clothes on a leather lace as a neck knife. Made of 3.5 millimeter thick vegetable tanned cow leather.


Sheath for Leatherman Charge

DGLeather : 19 augustus 2016 22:43 : Knife sheaths and holsters

This is a hand crafted sheath for a Leatherman Charge multitool and it´s made of 3,5 mm thick veg. tanned leather. Behind the multitool there is a pocket for the bitset. Dyed in black and sewed in black by hand.


Boot sheath for SOG Pentagon

DGLeather : 4 augustus 2016 21:47 : Knife sheaths and holsters

This handmade sheath for the combat SOG Pentagon is made of three layers of veg tanned leather. The clip on the back is mounted on the inside of the sheath and covered with calf leather to prevent scratching the knife. Double stitch lines in black hand sewn.


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