Zippo belt holders

A Zippo is often a product of life given the lifetime warranty that there is. Is he part you let him free repair. Zippo is a Lifestyle! I use and collect Zippo´s all my life. I have one absolute favorite and is embedded in a mahogany case. A Zippo you can make it as expensive as you want, they are all from € 40, – up to € 15,000, – and full of diamonds it’s just what you like. Anyway, a Zippo is often characteristic of a lifestyle and usually a precious possession. That’s why I started making leather belt holders for the normal standard Zippo size, wood is much bigger. If you precious possession immediately want to have on hand or are afraid of losing him or damage as he is at that bunch of keys  in your pocket, then you plug it into a beltholder!

Zippo belt holder Dark

DGLeather : 2 juni 2014 18:06 : zipporiemhouders

Zippo belt holder made from natural vegetable tanned leather and dark brown colored.


Zippo belt holder US

DGLeather : 2 juni 2014 01:03 : zipporiemhouders

Zippo belt holder from natural vegetable tanned leather with an original WWII UScollar disc.Exclusief lighter!


Belt holder for oversized Zippo

DGLeather : 1 juni 2014 17:26 : zipporiemhouders

This belt holder is specially made for the larger than normal Zippo I use myself. Exclusive a lighter.

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