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At work, welcome into my kitchen

DGLeather : 2 juni 2014 14:56 : At work

A little look in my kitchen where you can see how some things take form.
I love working with leather, first class leather I mean. I buy my leather from specialized tanneries to be sure that I get the best quality.
All leather is cut, sewn, dyed and treated against moisture by hand.
I use only traditional tools like sewing awls, pricking awls, saddle needles and tooling stamps but no machines.
More often this is very time consuming but it satisfies to make a beautiful product that lasts for years and years.
I have the possibilities to make items that you can´t buy in a store or shop with a quality that lasts very long.
Take for an example knifesheaths, you buy a beautiful expensive knife but the sheath that comes with it is most of the time weak and of poor quality, even dangerous so the knife can be damaged, lost or cause injuries. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
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