Bowie dual sheath

This dual bowie sheath is made of leather of several thicknesses. The front and back plate of the large sheath are made of 16oz leather. The small sheath is made of 9oz leather. The wells of the two sheaths are made of 7oz leather because the blades are thicker. The dangler and the flap for horizontal carry are made of 9oz leather. The color is dark brown. It’s a real masive sheath and a impressive unit.

2 thoughts on “Bowie dual sheath”

  1. Your bowie dual sheath is a very impressive unit indeed. The leatherwork is very detailed and high quality. I have never seen a dual sheath that snaps in like that. Thank you for sharing photos of your work.

    • Thank you sir for the nice words. I do my very best to make a high end product. I think that high quality is key.

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