Knife sheaths and holsters


Sheaths are also used for knives, daggers, swords and other weapons like handguns and pistols. think in the relaxation atmosphere of buscrafters and survivalists whereby the knife a very important place takes of the gear. A knife never may get lost, damaged or wound the carrier. When you buy a knife, for example a Bowie or a buscraft knife it happens that the sheath that comes with the knife is of poor quality or even lives dangerously! With custom made leather sheaths made of 3,5 mil vegetanned cowhide you will not have this problem anymore.

Black and blue kabar 1217 sheath

DGLeather : 1 juli 2018 19:54 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Custom handcrafted sheath, for Kabar 1217 the historical combat knife, made of 3,5 mil veg. tanned cowhide. Dyed in black and stitched in blue. Beltloop on dangler also stitched blue.

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Holster for Baikal mp 561 k

DGLeather : 10 februari 2018 13:55 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Holster for Baikal mp 561 k multishot co2 pistol. Made of 3,5 mil cowhide and lined with pigskin. Dyed in cordovan and black. Stitched with beige. All handmade.


USMC Semper Fi sheath

DGLeather : 18 november 2017 18:41 : Knife sheaths and holsters

A sheath for the Ka-Bar 1217. A knife with a great American history. Handmade of 3,5 mil. veg.tanned cowhide. Dyed with airbrush and the text is burned in with laser. A little pocket up front for grind stone or maybe plasters, can come in handy for people who cut themselves. 😉


Horizontal sheath for Mtech Extreme

DGLeather : 5 november 2017 12:27 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Sheath for Mtech Extreme for horizontal use. With LMF Army firesteel loop. Made of 3,5 millimeter thick veg. tanned cowhide dyed in black. Totaly hand crafted.


Sheath voor Wieringa chopper

DGLeather : 1 oktober 2017 13:31 : Knife sheaths and holsters

Sheath for a handmade competition chopper from Freerk Wieringa from Enschede. The sheath is built up of essentially 5 layers. Made of two layers of vegetable tanned 3.5 mm thick thick cow leather and 6.5 ml thick cow leather. The front is decorated with a layer of snake skin from an African Rock Python and over that a cut out layer of 3.5 millimeter thick cow leather. At the bottom of the sheath is a belt to attach it to the leg. The color is antique black and in combination with the snake skin and the color of the grip it’s a beautiful unit. This sheath is totaly handcrafted.

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