Jimi Hendrix, without a doubt one of the best guitarists ever. Too young deceased on September 10, 1970. His legacy lives on in his music he from the various Fender and Gibson guitars conjured. With almost 20 albums that bear his virtuosity, I have chosen here from the design of Crash Landing because it displays the master as he was.
This tobacco pouch consists of 1.5mm cowhide leather and is hand painted incl. Jimi’s autograph.

2 thoughts on “Jimi”

  1. Can I buy a Jimi Hendrix tobacco pouch with 2 press studs to close.. what is the cost and do you ship to Australia please

    • Hi there, sorry for the delay. I would have to make another one and these are € 55,- because of the lot of work of the drawing. Shipping from the Netherlands to Australia will be € 25,95 so that is realy a lot.
      Regards Danny

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