Cigarette case

For if you are just like me tired of the warnings and distasteful pictures on cigarette packs, put the pack in a leather case of high quality.
Dimensions and color can be discussed for packs of 20, 25 or more cigarettes with or without filter.

Tigra box

DGLeather : 20 oktober 2017 20:56 : Cigarette case

Cigarette case made of 2,5 mil veg tanned leather special made for Tigra cigarettes. Dyed in antique black. Magnet lock.


Handy case for the Justfog C14 e-cigarette

DGLeather : 25 mei 2017 13:46 : Cigarette case

Handy case for the Justfog C14 e-cigarette. Made of 2,5mm thick veg.tanned leather.Simple with a wrap around your neck or with a clip on your belt or pocket. Quit smoking and always lose your e-cigarette? This is the solution! Made by hand.


Cigarette case Indian Power

DGLeather : 24 januari 2015 09:17 : Cigarette case

because the goverment any time now will sharpen measures to cover cigarette packs up till 65% with warning texts and unsavory pictures I choose to camouflage this with leather. This cigarette case is made of 2mil. cowhide. The Indian application is painted by hand.



DGLeather : 1 juni 2014 23:52 : Cigarette case

Cigarette case ( hardcover) for 25 filter cigarettes. Made of 2mil. vegetanned cowhide and dyed in antique brown.



DGLeather : 1 juni 2014 21:23 : Cigarette case

Red cigarette case (hardcover) for 20 filter cigarettes. Made of 2mil. vegetanned leather. Dyed red.

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