Keychains come in many formes and shapes. Some practical some less practical. When you have a lot of keys on your chain you will always have to surge the right one. It is fun to make just that that wasn´t made yet, so, come up with cool ideas.

New design BMW keyring

DGLeather : 25 mei 2017 13:31 : Keychains

Keyring with BMW logo. The design keyring has a brass ring between the layers of 9 mm thick veg.tanned leather. The logo is burned in with a laserprinter. Handmade.


Dark brown key ring

DGLeather : 28 april 2017 23:54 : Keychains

Luxurious keychain in dark brown. Made of 3.5 millimeter thick vegetable tanned leather and stitched in yellow. A keychain like this will last for years.


Keyring in blue

DGLeather : 31 oktober 2016 15:39 : Keychains

Keyring made of 9oz veg.tanned leather. Dued in dark blue and stitched in yellow.



DGLeather : 17 januari 2016 16:25 : Keychains

Keyring Motörhead. Made of 7oz veg tanned leather. The famous UK metal band has stopped to exist by December 29, 2015 because Lemmy Kilmister died.


Keychain Freddy

DGLeather : 3 december 2015 23:28 : Keychains

Keychain made of 7oz veg tanned leather. Painted on the silhouette of Freddy Mercury, lead singer of the rockband Queen.

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