A bag making out of thick leather is a very time consuming job and therefore often not cheap, first because first quality leather is quite expensive but by the time that is in it to make it. Advantage is however that, if properly maintained, a product of this quality will last your life. The bags I make are not mechanically but sewn by hand, colored and treated. This includes purses, wallets and cardholders as well.

Tree of life bag

DGLeather : 13 januari 2018 18:55 : Bags, wallets and card holders

Tree of Life leather shoulderbag made of veg.tanned cow hide and buffalo leather.The strap is sometihing I love and I made earlier but I think it fits perfectly. The bag has a cloth lining with a leaf motive and I made pockets for phone, documents, a pen and for a e-cigarette and also a musketon for keys. I used brass plate that I put with a press brake. The Tree of Life and celtic knot is burned in with a laser. Totaly handmade and double stitched by hand.

Ok, we all know that it might be hard to please women 😉 But although I like the other strap very much it was found too long and the color did not match. No easy way to get away with so I had to do better. This time I´ve made a belt shorter than the other one matching the color and brass and I have to admit it is better now. With laser I put in the words Tree of life because that is what I called the bag an the other half I tooled with a triangle stamp.


Small messenger bag

DGLeather : 6 oktober 2016 11:51 : Bags, wallets and card holders

9oz veg.tanned leather messenger bag. Colored by airbrush. Dimensions 23x23x10cm. Totaly hand crafted and sewn by hand.


New handles for shopper

DGLeather : 4 september 2016 13:35 : Bags, wallets and card holders

A Gucci handbag shopper changes to shoulder bag. The original handles were only 44 cm long and only suitable for use as a handbag. The new handles are 88 cm long for comfortable carrying on the schouder.Hand crafted in the same style as the original.


Burgundy wallet

DGLeather : 1 september 2016 00:36 : Bags, wallets and card holders

This little wallet is made of 5oz veg tanned leather. 3 money pockets 3 creditcard pockets and a small change pocket. Color is Burgundy.


Ladies bag messenger style

DGLeather : 26 februari 2016 18:17 : Bags, wallets and card holders

These ladies bag and strap with native influences is completely handmade and sewn. The bag has a large compartment and a separate compartment. The closure is the tip of a deer antler. The messenger style bag is dyed in antique black and made of 7,5oz veg.tanned leather.The edge of the uneven cover is deliberately left rough.

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