Tool sheaths

Toolsheaths are mostly used by craftsmen who want to have their special gear close at hand, but well protected.
You can think of utility knives for carpet fitters or roofers but also hammers, screwdrivers or expensive calippers for carpenters or electricians or metal workers.
Sheaths have several functionalities and most used are belthoders or holsters, in short with a beltholder you have always your most important tools with you, nicely protected and you do never have to search for it.

Flashlight holder

DGLeather : 13 oktober 2017 17:46 : Tool sheaths

We regularly go for walks and also in the evening. Early dark these days so. Because of the woods you do not see a thing, so light up. But walking all the time with that idiote lamp in your hand was a misery because there was no cord. Now, of course, I had a piece of waste leather, so just made a sleeve with a clip for the lamp. He can now wear a belt or your pocket or whatever. Simple solution but super convenient.


Stanley knife belt holder

DGLeather : 30 mei 2014 13:00 : Tool sheaths

Belt holder for Stanley knife of hard-wearing quality made of 3,5 mil. vegetable tanned cowhide. Ideal for roofers or carpet fitters.This kind of sheaths can be made for all types of tools and knives.

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